Pyrite Powder


100 g (jar) – 55,56 €

554,61 € / 1 kg

0 – 120 µ, green-gray, lustrous powder




  • Pyrite Powder is an iron sesquioxide, and belongs to the group of magnetic pigments. Its name is derived from the greek word “pyros”, which means fire. Early on, the shimmering, crystalline mineral was seen as something special since it could be used to light a fire. Furthermore, the shiny quality of the glittering mineral may evoke real gold, thus being also called “fools gold”, and in Germany “cats gold”. When ground, pyrite forms a greenish-gray, lustrous powder with a beautiful golden shimmer. The color nuance of the powder depends on the grain size of the pigment: the bigger the crystals, the more intense the golden shimmer; with very fine powder, the golden shine is lost. The discreet grey-golden pigment is especially impressive in combination with smalt and red ochers. Pyrite is found throughout the world, especially on Elba Island (France), in Piedmont (Italy), Germany, but also in the Amazon region. The Pyrite from Kremer Pigmente is from Germany.