Natural Cinnabar Monte Amiata


100 g (jar) – 226,96 €

2239,61 € / 1 kg

< 63 µ, mercury sulfide




Natural Cinnabar Monte Amiata originates from Tuscany, from the hydrothermal cinnabar deposits at the former Monte Amiata volcano.

Vermilion is the most important red pigment of all, and one of the oldest historical colorants. The brilliant red pigment is made from the powdered mineral cinnabar, which is based on mercuric sulphide. It forms a yellowish red, very fine powder, without crystallines. Since ancient times, vermilion was widely used throughout the world: e. g. for art and art decoration in Ancient Rome, to illuminate European manuscripts in the Middle Ages, in Renaissance painting, especially for garments and robes, as well as in Chinese and Japanese lacquerware. Until the 19th century, vermilion was the only red pigment available that guaranteed brilliance, intensity of color, and coverage at the same time. Thus, you find vermilion in all old masters paintings, where its use symbolizes both prestige and power. The most important sources for natural mercury sulfide are Andalusia, Tuscany, the Urals, California, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, China, Japan, and the USA.